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Anyone that has used femtosecond laser technology to assist in cataract surgery is aware that current Limbal Relaxing Incision nomagrams do not apply. Laserarcs.com was developed and launched in 2012 to address the lack of a specific femtosecond laser arcuate nomogram for astigmatism management. Since launch, this website has been used to generate over 200,000 surgical plans and counting. The calculator generates an average of 3,500 lookups per month. In November 2016 Laserarcs.com received US Patent Number 9,480,603 B2.

This software is compatible with iOS devices and results can be viewed onscreen.
Results can also be printed for placement in the patient’s chart.

New Pricing Structure

For many years laserarcs.com has operated free of charge to provide our colleagues with what we believe to be the best arcuate nomogram in the market today. As the number of users of the site has grown into the thousands, we have constantly had to upgrade servers to handle the volume. 2018 was a banner year for us, with tens of thousands of femto assisted cataract cases being done using our nomogram, requiring our largest server upgrade yet. With the addition of the requested mobile apps, the cost to run this site free of charge is simply too great. Therefore, starting in early 2019, we will go back to a pay per lookup model. We will keep the per lookup cost low, and offer bundle packages as we’ve done before. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to continuing to provide laserarcs service for you.

—Dr. Michael Jones and Dr. Bart Jones

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